What regions do you operate in?

We currently offer services in the south east of the UK, based in Essex just outside of London. However if you are outside of this area do feel free to contact us to make an enquiry.

Is this weather dependant?

We can fly in wind speeds up to 17mph. We cannot fly in the rain, and often this would have a detrimental effect on the quality of the images taken anyway. If visibility is low due to fog or haze then we just have the restriction that we have to be able to maintain a line of direct sight with the UAV.

How high and far can the UAV go?

We are restricted by the Air Navigation Order to a maximum height of 400ft or around 120 meters. Distance wise we are limited to around 500m or to keep a direct line of sight with the UAV. We also have video transmitted back to the pilot via goggles, to aid with the flight and navigation. However we find that for certain video work, the ability to actually fly lower than say for example a full size helicopter allows us to get much more dramatic video and detailed images. We are also able to fly indoors if required.

How accurate are your surveys?

We have found UAV surveys to be some of the most accurate available and we are able to offer on average accuracy of 40mm in height and 30mm in plan.

Are there areas you cannot fly in?

There are areas in the UK (normally around airports and military bases) where the air traffic is under a much tighter control. We also need the permission of the land owner to take off and land on private land. Urban areas, for example in London will require further CAA permission and we are on hand to advise and help apply for this. We must also respect privacy laws.

Can you carry my camera up?

Yes we are able to carry your camera of choice up. However we often find our own cameras give better images as they are specifically designed to be used with our mounts and gimbals. Our heavier lift UAV can carry payloads of up to 10kg.  Our smaller lightweight UAV carries a GOPRO camera of only 75g. Often however it may be the case that your camera will not fit on our mount, however we are happy to give it a try and work with you.

Will you give us a demo?

Yes we are happy to arrange a free demonstration if you pay our travel costs within Essex, to give you an idea of what we can do.

How much does it cost?

Our prices start at £239 inc VAT. We charge £60 per hour plus VAT thereafter. Often a flight will last 14 minutes and we can get most images done within an hour. When you compare this to the cost of a full size helicopter at £1000 per hour the savings are huge. Combined with the fact that a full size helicopter is not allowed to fly below 500ft we can take images that are much closer to the ground.


We are fully insured, and qualified for commercial drone use. We follow all the recommended and required CAA advice on UAV flying. We have never damaged any of our multi rotor aircraft so far in 5 years of flying. Please see below for our CAA permit for commercial operations, and our 3rd part commercial insurance for up to £1,000,000.


Can you just rent the equipment or can I have a go?

No each of our pilots is fully qualified with a commercial drone pilot license, allowing him to specifically fly certain UAV’s. We will do the flying.

Planning and permissions.

Before each flight, we will plan and check all laws are being upheld. We will check with landowners, check land boundaries, and take into account all factors surrounding the flight. If extra permissions are required from the CAA for example, if shooting in central London or any restricted airspace we can apply for any extra permissions needed.






Unmanned aerial imagery for hire in Essex UK. CAA compliant and fully insured to fly at heights a full size helicopter would not be allowed to fly at.