Air Navigation Order (UK)

The commercial use of UAV’s or ‘drones’ in the UK is covered under the Air Navigation Order. To do this commercially we have a full permit for commercial operations from the CAA in the UK which is required if images or video are taken for profit or gain.  We always operate within all UK legislation be it the Data Protection Act, or the CAA regulations on commercial drone use. Full details of the CAA guidance can be found on their site here. We are also fully insured with specialist commercial drone operator insurance. Please see copies below of our CAA permit, and commercial insurance.


Privacy laws.

We must ensure that we do not break any privacy laws, and as the UAV will be taking images or video we must ensure we stick to the CAA regulations. These are set out to try to help this as well as safety.  We are not permitted to fly within 50 meters of people, vehicles or any structure out of our control. (we can take off and land at least 30 meters from them). We are however allowed to fly over them at heights of greater than 50 meters. We are not allowed to fly within 150 meters of organised open air gatherings with more than 999 people, or congested areas. We will work with you to put together a flight plan that is within all applicable laws.

Unmanned aerial imagery for hire in Essex UK. CAA compliant and fully insured to fly at heights a full size helicopter would not be allowed to fly at.